Adios to overproduction


In numerology, this number represents birth, the creation of something new. But it also represents the number of shoes thrown away in France per second. VAMOS for a new approach to consumption!

Target 0 stock

Pre-orders allow us to adjust our production and assess demand while avoiding overconsumption. This is what we call win-win or rather ganar-ganar at humaya.


Buy in preview

We launch pre-orders on the site approximately 6 weeks before the shoes are produced. Buying your pair as soon as pre-orders launch ensures you have your size and your favorite color. In fact, our quantities are limited by the stocks of dormant leather that we find #upcycling


The right amount

This pre-order system is the best way to adjust manufacturing just before launching into production to avoid any surplus. We thus recalculate the right quantity to produce based on your enthusiasm for the shoes!


It's on the way!

If you opted for pre-orders, you waited several weeks to receive your shoes. We know, you can't wait to try them, to wear them during the day, in the evening and you RESISTED. On top of that, you support a responsible approach. Thanks to you. We can't wait to see you with your humayas on your feet!


I tasted upcycling