Portugal: the shoe experts

Le Portugal : les experts du soulier

Finding a manufacturer in Europe was a priority.

After around twenty meetings, we found our perfect manufacturer: very close to the city of Porto, in Sao Joao de Madeira.

Going to Portugal, to meet manufacturers, did not happen by chance. Portugal is a preferred destination for brands looking to produce durable and comfortable shoes.

Here are the reasons that made us want to produce our shoes in this country, like many renowned shoe brands:

  1. Know-how: Portugal has a long tradition of manufacturing quality shoes. Portuguese artisans have acquired great expertise in this field, working with renowned brands and developing specialist skills.

  2. Quality: Portuguese shoe manufacturers are known for their attention to detail and pursuit of premium quality. Shoes made in Portugal are often considered quality, durable and comfortable products.

  3. Skilled Workforce: Portugal has a skilled and highly trained workforce for shoe manufacturing. Portuguese workers are known for their professionalism and commitment to quality.

  4. Geographic Proximity: Portugal is located in Europe, which makes logistics and communication easier for brands looking to work with Portuguese shoe manufacturers.

  5. Ethics: Portugal is known for its ethical labor standards and social legislation, which guarantees fair working conditions for workers in the footwear industry.

In short , Portugal is considered a wise choice for shoe manufacturing, due to its know-how, quality, skilled workforce, geographical proximity and ethical commitment.

We fell in love with our manufacturer. During our meeting, we were able to discover flagship models from this company: comfortable shoes, of high quality, with noble and durable materials, and impeccable finishes.

This shoe manufacturing expert immediately got hooked on our concept of upcycling. Our ethical approach was not a hindrance in his eyes. Even though our quantities of shoes are very low and the logistics linked to upcycling are very different compared to other brands, he saw a real opportunity in humaya.

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